What is CTU password?

It is main access password to the majority of university and faculty systems

Is there any time limit to the CTU password validity?

Yes there is. For security reasons password validity is restricted to 365 days from last change. You cannot login to university or faculty systems with expired password.

I cannot login. Where is the problem?

This can happen when:

  • Username is wrong,
  • Password is wrong – watch for Czech / English keyboard, CAPS LOCK or Y/Z position,
  • Your password is expired,
  • You are no longer active user, your employment, study or other relationship to CTU is over, access to some systems may be restricted,
  • Authentication system is out of order

I don’t know my username (loginname) and/or CTU password.

You have to visit CTU card office or CTU password administrator. When you identity is verified you will get new password.

Can I get CTU password by e-mail or phone?

Unfortunately you can’t. Password has to be issued in person.

I know my password and want to change it. How can I do that?

Login to USERMAP, click on your name (upper right corner). Page with your personal profile will show up. Click Settings and choose User password settings (CTU password). You have to enter your new CTU password twice with regards to password parameters and then click Save.

Validity of my password coming to an end. What can I do?

Change your password before it expires.

Where can I find validity of my password?

You can login to USERMAP, KOS or selected faculty systems to view password validity.

I know my CTU password but it is expired. What can I do?

Please open form for change of expired password. You have to enter your username, old password and new password there. You will then set your new password.

WARNING! This method is available only for 6 months from CTU password expiration. You have to contact password administrators after this period.

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