As a staff member you can also benefit from the EuroTeQ Campus. Academic and administrative staff from different units at each partner university work together to make the ambitious goals of the EuroTeQ Engineering University a reality. But also, colleagues who have not previously engaged in an international project are now encouraged to be part of the vibrant EuroTeQ community. The EuroTeQ team is implementing targeted Erasmus+ staff mobilities for both teaching and training visits. Best practice exchange is nurtured through connecting teachers and specialized administrative staff with their counterparts at the partner institutions.

Call for Academic Year 2021/2022

Call for applications for EuroTeQ Staff Mobility Programmes for Teaching and Training in Academic Year 2021/2022 opened from September 15th, 2021.

Capacities for Academic Year 2021/2022


 In Academic Year 2021/2022 CTU in Prague will support 15 EuroTeQ Staff Mobility Programmes forTraining (1 mobility for colleagues from each faculty, 1 mobility for Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, 1 mobility for CTU Rector’s Office and 5 mobilities for colleagues from other CTU institutes and parts) and 5 EuroTeQ Staff Mobility Programmes for Teaching.


CTU in Prague will do its best to host as many teachers and non-academic staff members as it will  possible.

Mobility Options and Duration

We are offering our applicant to choose the most suitable option:

  • Short (min. 2 working days + 2 days for travelling),
  • Standard (max. 5 working days + 2 days for travelling),
  • Individual (flexible duration – should be arranged with the program coordinator).

Relevant Topics and Areas

CTU in Prague has no  specific preferences for topics and areas for EuroTeQ Staff Mobility Programmes for Teaching. All teaching mobilities will be arranged individually by home and hosting universities according to the relevance for any particular study program.

For this year call CTU in Prague has specified the group of the most relevant topics and areas for Incoming and Outgoing EuroTeQ Staff Mobility Programmes for Training:

  • admission and education services
  • international relations and mobility offices
  • cooperation with alumni
  • marketing and public relation
  • information technology, CIOs, IT service centres
  • human resources

We also welcome mobilities for training related to the following topics and areas:

  • research support and Ph.D. study counselling
  • education and teacher support
  • legal support and administration
  • financial management
  • technical experts/enterprise architects
  • policy advisory (long-term vision for education and international affairs)
  • recognition procedures
  • online examination
  • vocational learner expertise
  • language services

To apply for a mobility program related to any other area, please feel free to contact a program coordinator.


All EuroTeQ staff mobility programmes for teaching as well as for training will be covered from the Erasmus+ funds by the home university (in the frame of the Staff Mobility for Teaching/Training programme). E.g.. by CTU in Prague for outgoing applicants and by the sending institution for incoming applicants.

Application Instructions


Please, feel free to contact the program coordinator to verify if the hosting institution is able to host you. Then you will be assisted in the arrangement of your mobility: finding of the supervisor/coordinator, duration, program, mobility agreement etc.

Non-academic staff applicants, who already know in which institution (and department) they are interested in, can contact and send their request to the coordinator/relevant person from the prospective hosting university. Please do not forget to mention  the following information in your request:

  • your full name and surname
  • your home university, faculty (or institute) and position
  • short description of your agenda and responsibilities
  • goals and tasks for the EuroTeQ Staff Mobility Programme
  • planned duration of the mobility (number of days and when in will be suitable for you to visit hosting university)
  • other relevant information
  • please don’t forget to add coordinators from both home and prospective host universities in the CC of your email request

As soon as hosting university will confirm the request, all CTU applicants should follow the  following steps and instructions described at the CTU portal [in Czech].


Please, feel free to contact the program coordinator from your home university to receive more information about the possibilities for EuroTeQ Staff Mobility Programmes at CTU in Prague:

Travelling Information


Due to the epidemic situation  all outgoing mobilities will be planned and realized according to the up-to-date   rules and obligations for travelling abroad (from the Czech Republic) and back. For more information, please, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic [in Czech].


Since the beginning of the Academic Year 2021/2022 all CTU campuses are opened for both Czech and international guests. Pleasepay  attention to the current epidemic situation and its ensuing  restrictions and obligations.

Access to the Czech Republic is limited and restrictions may vary for each country you are travelling from. This is based on the level of risk of infection for each country. Pleasecheck the actual obligations and recommendations for foreigners travelling to the Czech Republic.


Program Coordinator

Oleg Fetisov, Ph.D.
EuroTeQ Staff Mobility Programmes for Teaching and Training
Czech Technical University in Prague
phone: +420 224 352 843
mobile: +420 735 037 735

EuroTeQ Staff Mobility Programmes Info Point (CTU in Prague)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU in Prague
Dejvice Campus: Technická 1902/2, 16627 Prague 6, Czech Republic
International Office (ground floor, office no. C3-53)

Office hours: during the pandemic on appointment only (thank you for your understanding).

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