• Passport
  • Health insurance information
    You are required to have full health insurance on arrival in the Czech Republic. Check that your particular insurance covers the Czech Republic and includes hospitalisation. You will be required to show your health insurance card on arrival.>
  • Acceptance letter from CTU or a copy
  • Confirmation of guaranteed accommodation
  • Travel documents (tickets, rail passes)


  • Any medicines that you take regularly
  • Non-feather pillow if you are allergic
  • International driver’s license
  • Backpack or rucksack
  • Passport photos (you will need them for various ID’s)
  • Sleeping bag (if you plan to travel after school ends – although you can buy one here for about USD 50)
  • Photocopy of your documents
  • Current converters and electrical socket adapters (if needed). In the Czech Republic we use 220 watts 2-pole round plugs.

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