• Step 1
  • Nomination
  • (Contact your LLP – Erasmus coordinator or exchange coordinator)
    If you wish to come to study at CTU in Prague as an Erasmus or an exchange student, your university must officially nominate you. In the first instance, therefore, you must contact your LLP – Erasmus coordinator or exchange coordinator.
  • Step 2
  • On-line registration
    Please note that the on-line registration is an obligatory process. Even you if have filled in the standard forms (on paper), note that you must still register on-line.
    On-line registration is available at the following website:
  • All of our incoming students are required to collect at least 15 ECTS credits/semester towards their degree programme at their home university.
  • Students can take courses from different faculties. Most of your courses should normally be at your host CTU faculty. Note that the Architectural Design Course at the Faculty of Architecture is available only for students registered at the Faculty of Architecture.
        The deadlines are

on this link



  • Step 3
  • Confirmation of Essential Forms:
  • Application  Form + Learning Agreement + Language Certificate The printed out forms are to be checked and confirmed/signed by the relevant coordinators at your home university.
    Remember that forms must be delivered in time. Late applications will be rejected. – please check the final deadlines here.
  • Step 4
  • Sending documents
    Copies signed by the home university must reach (mailed, faxed, e-mailed) the contact person for incoming students, Mrs. Lucie Bilova (lucie.bilova@rek.cvut.cz)

    • Deadline for Summer Semester:
      October 31     – students from non-EU countries and with non-EU citizenship
      November 30 – students from EU and with EU citizenship
    • Deadline for Winter Semester and the whole Academic Year:
      March 31 – students from non-EU countries and with non-EU citizenship
      April 30students from EU and with EU citizenship
  • The mailing address is:
    ZIKOVA 4, 166 36, PRAGUE 6

    In addition to the application form please also remember to send your transcript of records.
    The application process for your study exchange begins when you send the printed, signed and stamped forms.

  • Students apply for accommodation directly on the web page of the Central Accommodation Service. The International Office no longer deals with accommodation.

    Erasmus and Exchange students can make a request for accommodation in a CTU dormitory here: https://web.suz.cvut.cz/Login

You can search for your private accommodation on the web at:
http://realestate.expats.cz/, http://www.centrumpronajmu.cz/en/, http://www.homesweethome.cz/en/, http://www.youreality.cz/eng/, http://www.roommate.cz/, http://www.hostel.cz/, http://www.czechhostel.cz/, http://www.happyhouserentals.com/en/, http://www.spolubydlici.cz/en, http://www.maxima.cz, http://www.sreality.cz, http://www.rhreality.cz, http://www.realestate.expats.cz 

Last change: 23.02.2017