Czech Language Course -FALL 2020

for Erasmus & Exchange students


Monday 09,25 – 10,55
Beginners II 
11,00 – 12,30
Beginners I

Wednesday 09,25 – 10,55
Beginners I

11,00 – 12,30
Beginners I Intensive 


Eva dos Reis:

Beginners I Eva Čeština Expres I  1 – 3
Beginners I – Intensive Eva Čeština Expres I  1 – 6 This course counts on double homework load and is ideal for either Slavic students, and/or those who are willing to work intensively
Beginners II Eva Čeština Expres I 4 – 6

Workload – similar to 2 ECTS,

Start of the course – February 22, 2021

All classes take place in Masarykova dorm, Thakurova 1. – room B 305 (face to face mode). Online mode – registered students will receive TEAMS invitation.

A maximum of 16 students will be accepted in each class. Students who do not come to the first session will be considered as NOT INTERESTED and their registration will be canceled and their spot will be offered to students on a waiting list. In case you know you won´t make it to the first session, send an email to to be excused.

Start of the registration: February 15, 2021
Registration deadline: February 18, 2021

Registration procedure:

Choose the course you want to attend, click the link below (will be active only during the registration period), Write your name and save it.

Monday – Beginners II – 09,25 – 10,55

Monday – Beginners I – 11:00 – 12:30

Wednesday – Beginners I – 09,25 – 10,55

Wednesday – Beginners I – Intensive – 11:00 – 12:30

Once the registration is over you will receive an email from me ( confirming your registration.
How to get your final certificate
Once you have fulfilled the course requirements, you can request the certificate in the International office of the rectorate.
Course level explanation: Beginners 1 – for students who have never experienced learning Czech
Beginners 2 (only in Spring semester) – for students who started the course in the Fall semester and want to continue.
Beginners 1 – Intensive – for students who are able to follow faster and more intensive classes.
Contact person: Katka Bošková –

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