• Single CTU password is used for login to university and most of the faculty subsystems
  • CTU password is issued to all users of IS CTU
  • Password management is based on Pravidla pro správu hesel ČVUT (Czech version only)
  • In case of login problems please contact your Password administrator

Quality of CTU password

  • Should be sufficiently strong
  • Minimum length is 9 characters
  • Have to be composed from 3 different character sets
  • Available characters sets: [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9], [!#%&()[]*+,./:;<=>?@^_`{|}~-]
  • Diacritics is not allowed, space is not allowed
  • Can’t contain your name, surname, personal number or username
  • Users have to periodically change their password, password change time span is set to 365 days
  • Authentication is disabled after 365 days
  • User can’t use last 2 passwords
  • User is able to set new password after expiration for 135 days
  • User is notified to password expiration
  • CTU password is securely stored in university system Kerberos and Active Directory, password can’t be decoded

First password – valid for new CTU students only

Subsystem PRVNI HESLO is intended for new students only. It will create username and allow users to set CTU password without necessity to visit CTU personally. Users can go through this process when their study is registered in IS CTU. This process can take up to 4 days and depends on faculty practice.

Subsystem PRVNI HESLO can be used up to 120 days from study enrollment. If you are former CTU student, you will have to contact Password Administratorfrom your faculty.

You need to have application number and date of birth for login. In the case of lost application number you can let it send again.

Acquired username and password will gain you access to IS CTU. These subsystems will come handy in the beginning:

  • KOS – study administration
  • ÚTVS – sport courses by Institute of Physical Education and Sport
  • ISKaM – accommodation subsystem for CTU dormitories

Password change made by user

  • This method can be used when users know their username and CTU password
  • Login to https://usermap.cvut.cz . Login button is in the upper right corner
  • After successful login click on your name (upper right corner)

    Page with your details will load up
  • Go to Settings and then User password settings (CTU password) and you can change your password

Password change made by Password administrator

  • This method can be used when users don’t know their username or CTU password
  • Password administrator can change password to selected groups of users according to given scope
  • Password administrator is required to verify identity of person who is asking for password change. Verification can be based on CTU ID card, personal ID card or passport. These informations have to be verified:
    • Validity of card
    • Match of photograph and appearance of person
    • Match of name and surname on ID with informations in IS CTU
    • Match of birth number or CTU personal number
  • Password administrator is required to hand new password only to person who is asking for password change and whose identity is matched

Issuing lost CTU password by phone, SMS, e-mail or procuration

  • Password is only issued to person who is physically verified. Password CANNOT be issued by phone, SMS, e-mail or procuration.

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