If you have made the right decision and want to go abroad to study, you will need to apply for acceptance by your selected universities.

You must complete the application form

Log in to mobility.cvut.cz (use the same log in info as to KOS system), find the round you want to apply to and register your application. In the application form fill in the universities you’ve selected according to your preferences. Write your motivation letter in English or in the language of the country where you want to study. Sign up for a written test from English.  If you want to study in a language other than English, give Kateřina Bošková a confirmation of knowledge of the language – an example of a Spanish Certificate of Attainment.

Assessment of your application by the vice-dean

After the deadline for the relevant round, applications are electronically sent to vice deans for consideration. You can check the status of your application on your mobility.cvut.cz card. If your application is declined, you will be sent a notification email within a week after the deadline.

 Written tests / oral interviews

If your study application  is approved, you can attend the written tests. From the written test, you must earn 10 points or more to advance to the oral interview. If you have already succeeded in an English (Erasmus, Non – European Exchange) written test (above 10b), the results can be counted for this exam. For the recognition of the results of the previous written tests, please e-mail to katerina.boskova@cvut.cz

Here are examples of the WRITTEN TEST with ANSWERS.

All students participating in the selection process will be informed of the outcome.


Selection criteria

Based on your learning outcomes, knowledge of foreign language, and motivation to study abroad, we will either be able to offer you one of the universities you have chosen or we will recommend another university to you. If your overall results are not adequate, we will advise you on where you have weaknesses and you can sign up for next round or next year. Learn more about selection criteria.

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