1. Before the Selection … What to consider?

Courses offered at the foreign university, as well as which teachers of these courses would be able to help you work on your diploma thesis.

When to go and for how long – if you want to take a bachelor or master program and stay at the foreign university for 1 or 2 semesters.

How much will it cost – draw on the experiences of students who have gone before you.


  1. Selection Procedure

You must complete and submit an online application to prove that you are able to study in the language of the country or in English.

More information on this page.

Selection criteria can be found here.


  1. What to do if you are selected…

Confirm your choice – Shortly after the deadline for submitting your application you will receive an email from OZS notifying you that you have been selected. You will be asked to confirm your selection within a specified time.

Documents for a Foreign University – Information about the receiving university will be sent by email to selected students.

Visa – Assuming you provide the necessary documents in time, the foreign university will issue and send you an official Letter of Invitation. You will need this letter to apply for a visa. You apply for the visa at the embassy of the country in the Czech Republic.

Ticket – We recommend not buying a plane ticket before the foreign university confirms that you have been accepted for an exchange program (until the invitation letter is issued).


  1. Before leaving to go abroad

It is necessary to sign the Financial Agreement for the Ministry of Education and Sport scholarship of 10 000 CZK / month. For signing with the International office, rectorate manager (Kateřina Bošková) you need:

Study plan – signed by the Vice-Dean of your faculty (for PhD students, the Vice-Dean for Science and Research).

Insurance – Before leaving, you should submit a copy of your insurance for the duration of your stay.

Confirmation of enrollment for the following semester – either a study confirmation or a KOS screenshot that shows you are enrolled.

All documents should be uploaded to your student card in

  1. Before departing from the foreign university

Near the end of your time abroad, you will acknowledge the Confirmation of study period and you will be asked if you will return the Transcript of Records in person or want to have it sent to the International office, rectorate CTU.

  1. After returning from abroad

By signing the financing agreement, you agree to meet these conditions:

  1. a) Study for the period specified in the contract, i.e. submission of the Confirmation of Study Period
  2. b) Submit the Transcript of Records – valid for Bc. and Mgr. (if it comes to the International office, we’ll let you know by email)
  3. c) PhD students – Provide confirmation from an external supervisor.
  4. d) Submit the comparison sheet within 14 days of transcription. You should take 20 credits at the Faculty of CTU per semester – this applies to Bc. and Mgr. (lower number of credits can only be accepted based on student’s approval). Ph.D. students provide confirmation from the CTU supervisor saying that the work the student had done abroad has been accepted as part of the student´s study load.
  5. e) Write your experience from the stay at the foreign university


If you do not submit one of the above-mentioned documents, or if you fail to comply with the Financial Agreement (FA), the number of approved credits, you will have to reimburse part or all of the scholarship provided in the FA.


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