FEE students only


1. First check in your file Bankovní účty (Accounts), and if necessary apply for a new banking account.

2. In the file Přehled (Summary) – Nastavení (Settings)– you can set a minimum balance (Correction limit), if you use TZS actively.

3. If you leave the file Limit dorovnání (Correction limit) at 0, we will send all money to your bank account.

4. Automatic transfers are made on the 12th and 25th day of the month. Money in the account is blocked until the statement from the bank is registered at CTU (about 2 days). The transfer is handled at TZS early in the morning.

5. The first payment of scholarships in this way was on Monday 9.7.2012 for social and accommodation scholarships.

6. Your available balance=disposable

7. Cash payments from TZS for students can be made only with a valid CTU identity card issued at the ID card issuing house.


1. Although I have entered my banking account number into TZS, I continue to receive requests to top up my banking account.

The number of the selected banking account must be entered in the file Parametry účtu (Parameters of the account); if it is not entered there, a  payment order is not automatically created

2. I have finished my studies, and I do not have a banking account entered in TZS. How can I receive money in cash?

After completing their studies, students can receive a cash payment from TZS on presenting any identity document

3. When will I receive the accommodation scholarship for the 1st quarter of 2012?

Ask at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering cash desk. The scholarships have been in TZS since July 2012

4. Is  it possible to pay the balance in TZS to another person on the basis of a Letter of Authorization?

Yes. In the case of students who have completed their study period, the Letter of Authorization must clearly identify the person who is issuing the Letter of Authorization, and the person who is receiving the authorization, the legal operation to which the Letter of Authorization refers, the period of validity, date and place of the signature, and the handwritten signature of the authorizer.Model Letter of Authorization

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