The Professor Miroslav Vlček scholarship commemorates a long-time Vice-Chancellor for Foreign Relations of CTU in Prague. Professor Vlček was head of the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences. From 2015 to 2019, he was the driving force behind the Study in Prague project, which he set up and then co-ordinated. The Study in Prague project brings together seven Prague-based public universities, and has attracted hundreds of foreign students to study in Prague.

Related legislation for the scholarship: University Act (§ 91), CTU in Prague Scholarship Regulations (IV. full text, Article 4a, effective from 1. 4. 2021)

Purpose of the scholarship: The Professor Miroslav Vlček scholarship is awarded to a foreign student who, in addition to fulfilling his/her study duties, has contributed to the dissemination of the reputation of the Czech Technical University in the Czech Republic and abroad, and who has supported greater internationalization of the university environment of the public universities in Prague.


The main criterion for assessing a foreign student’s application for a scholarship is his/ her proven active involvement in research, educational or other activities for the benefit of foreign students of CTU, contributing to the motivation of foreign candidates to apply to study in Prague.

In particular, students in Master’s degree study programmes  may receive a scholarship. The scholarship is awarded as a lump sum of CZK 30,000. A student may receive the award only once within a study programme.

The scholarship will not be awarded to a student who is subject to disciplinary proceedings or whose studies are interrupted.

The scholarship is awarded by the Rector of the University at the request of a foreign student and after a selection procedure. In any selection procedure, a scholarship can be awarded to only one student. The timing and the method of applying for the scholarship will be published by CTU in the public part of its website.

The scholarship is awarded once a year, and a written copy of the decision to award the scholarship is ceremonially presented to the selected student at a joint event of the Study in Prague project consortium.

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