The Service Facilities Administration (SUZ) is responsible for student housing and canteens at CTU. As such, Erasmus and Exchange students must apply directly to SUZ for university accommodation. For non-EU citizens, this is a particularly convenient option because they must provide an accommodation address with their visa application.

Erasmus and Exchange students can make a request for accommodation in a CTU dormitory here: 

The username and password will be sent directly to them together with the letter of acceptance.

Follow the step-by-step instructions for the application and payment processes below and reach out to with any questions. Note that the university offers accommodation only in shared rooms, typically in two-bed rooms. The accommodation is inexpensive, conveniently located and has excellent internet access, but it is not luxurious.

Prior to their arrival at CTU, each student must pay a security deposit via the ISKAM4 accommodation system. Upon arriving at the dormitory, each student must bring their passport and one headshot photo and pay for the accommodation services and associated fees, including insurance, for the month of September (or both September and October for exchange students). Payment is only possible with credit or debit card. More information about arrival logistics can be found in the SUZ FAQs.

Services and amenities vary both between and within dormitories. A general overview can be found here and information about specific buildings can be found in the dormitories overview.

Internet in CTU dormitories is provided for 800 CZK per month. 

Students are recommended to take out personal property insurance. International students are, regrettably, sometimes targeted by pickpockets and other thieves. Note, however, that the insurance agreement covers only the most basic items, and any major items (e.g. laptops, smartphones) must be specified in writing. If windows are left open or doors are left unlocked, or if the owner of the property is negligent, the insurance company will not pay out. The university does not accept liability for any loss of students’ property.

Private apartments are an alternative to university housing, but the rent will be considerably higher. However, it is possible to rent a modest flat for 2 or 3 students for 15 000 CZK/month. You can begin your apartment search on the web at: on

You might also consider renting a room in a Czech family flat. This can have its drawbacks in terms of freedom or privacy, but it can often be a unique living situation and is cheaper than renting your own flat.

If you have the money, you might invest in a real estate agent who finds available flats and arranges leases. They can act as the middleman between a Czech landlord and a foreign client. The rents will be higher and you will probably pay a commission to the rental agent, but it will save you from navigating Czech real estate alone. 

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