ATHENS (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network /Socrates)

Created in 1997, the ATHENS Network is made up of 14 European technological universities and nine ParisTech Graduate Schools of Engineering, which coordinates the programme.

The principal goal of the Network is to facilitate the exchange of students, teachers and researchers from major European technological universities and to participate together under European technological development and training programmes.

The ATHENS programme is a 7-day scientific and cultural exchange programme offered twice a year in November and March to students from all partner institutions.

This activity is called the ATHENS week.

Around  4,000 students participate in the exchanges every year.

For more information on the programme and selection process, please consult this website and contact your ATHENS local coordinator.

ATHENS Regulations

Members of the network:


  • ParisTech is a consortium of prestigious higher education institutions, which collaborate on joint training, research and innovation projects in the fields of Science, Technology and Management.
  • Comprising 10 Grandes Écoles based in the Greater Paris area, each of which is a leader in its field, ParisTech works closely with education and research centre worldwide, and has entered into numerous partnership agreements.


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